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I do hope Microsoft and major third party developers such as Adobe and AutoDesk are working to bring not full replacements, but complimentary versions of some of their flag apps in MetroTwo steps too many, I have worked around this by creating Power Options for shutting down my machine much quickerThis is done while salvaging the maximum amount of data possible, all done liveThe Technology Adoption Program allows Microsoft customers to have an early impact on the direction of future Microsoft code, in fact, these customers are able to make Design Change Request, something that pretty much has become impossible because of the frozen state of code at the beta /Consumer Preview phases of developmentTo make it easy to interact on touch based devices, Microsoft will be offering totally new user interface dubbed as Metro UI, which has tile based interface and gets update with dynamic contentThe new Charm bar menu which conveniently list menus for Start, Settings, Share, Devices and Search makes it easier to operate in key parts of the Windows 8 user interfaceIt just makes logical sense, why upgrade to something just end up buying something, this will be especially true for customers who are using Media Center boxes that rarely need any additional functionality and are rarely used otherwise except for their intended purposeIts not that I dont want or dont like Windows 8; its just that I have been contented with Windows 7


I think the Windows Team should add a Power Options menu to the right click Context menu you can access when you right click the left hand corner of the screenYou can also right click Apps from it and click CloseIts kind of a not well thought UI as Messaging, I think it needs to be more compartmentalized for better navigation and ease of useNumber of mods are surfaced on different forums to activate ReFS and one such mod ReFS Activator for Windows 8 created by Marcin Grygiel, is in the form of nice GUI and offers a way to activate ReFS on Windows [&] Reply Cristian Remy says: 24 February, 2013 at 4:32 am Awesome!!!! Thanks for the hard work Reply yatharth says: 17 March, 2013 at 5:47 am hi all the above comments its well working but it failed for me coz i have win 8 cp built 8250 and it is not activating neither giving me an error Reply Marcin Grygiel says: 17 March, 2013 at 9:37 pm Sorry, I cant help you with activation or validation issues for Windows 8You can not activate it! You must install the RTM version of Windows 8, good luck! Reply Kunal says: 18 August, 2013 at 8:46 am Hello, I am activating my x64 windows 8 rp 8400, But it is not activatingI only had two programs that required uninstalling, one of which was Microsoft Security Essentials (understandable since Windows 8 includes Windows Defender which is a rebranded version of the current Security Utility)


With Windows 7, things changed a bit, there was still a private beta, but for the first time Microsoft released a public beta (build 7000), which some of you might remember was announced at the 2009 CES trade showAnother option is to use third party players such as VLC which I personally have been using for a while nowPC Settings adds some subtle changes such as additional personalization features such as additional color schemes and consolidation of menusPersons who have been following Windows development closely over the years will remember the routine where Microsoft had the typical Public Developer and WinHec Conferences (now defunct), where early pre-release code was released, followed a few months later by a stable beta with a private beta program where Microsoft invited privileged individuals to join a small testing programme to kick the tires, find the bugs, report them and engage with product teams both virtually and in personMultimediaCalendar a similar case, Calendar features a clean design that integrates with Windows Live services really wellIn addition supporting opening in Command Prompt, the Windows Team has added Power Shell support to the File menuOne specific difference since Windows Vista, Microsoft has eliminated CTPs (Community Technology Previews) and interim buildsClicking on an album thumbnail will display the albums playlist, click a song and click Play, which will take you to a full screen page for the albumThis in a sense changed the value around private beta programmes that existed prior to Windows 7

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